pstoedit translates PostScript and PDF graphics into other vector formats. Currently pstoedit can generate the following formats: Implementing support for other formats should be very easy. The architecture of pstoedit consists of a PostScript frontend which needs to call a PostScript interpreter like Ghostscript and the individual backends which are pugged into a kind of framework. This framework can be used independently from the PostScript frontend from any other program. The framework provides a uniform interface to all different backends. You need a C++ compiler to install and GhostScript to run pstoedit. pstoedit should run on all Un*x like systems and has also been ported to OS/2, DOS/Windows, and RiscOS. You can download pstoedit (source code) from: You can more information from

New or changed in 2.60:

  • New backend for idraw contributed by Scott Pakin
  • Internal redesign in order to support the usage of the drivers from other programs, not just from pstoedit.
  • Full implementation of kshow, xshow, yshow, xyshow
  • Added -psargs option and removed -rnnxnn option
  • Added -include option
  • Fixed the linecap and linejoin problem for MIF
  • Port to RiscOS done by Rob Warner
  • winp2eap.def missing in distribution
  • Fixed a problem with .ps files that redefined showpage themselves
  • Fixed some problems related to the 'string' operator. Some PostScript programs used to redefine 'string'.
  • Fixed a portabiltiy problem for DecAlpha
  • Fixed some OS/2 compilation problems
  • Fixed some DEC compilation problems
  • Fixed a problem that caused pstoedit to 'draw' each character when running gs3.5x
  • Added support for Frame-specific encoding of special characters
  • Fixed an encoding bug for PDF (minus was defined twice)

    New or changed in 2.50:

    New or changed in 2.41:

    New or changed in 2.40:

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